Published June 28, 2024 | Version v1
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D4.3 Public Listing (Catalog) of FAIRiCUBE processing/analysis resources

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This document outlines the metadata requirements necessary for the identification and use of processing/analysis (a/p) resources created within FAIRiCUBE. In addition, it describes how these user requirements can be supported using STAC (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog) catalogs, mapping each concept from the identified metadata requirements to concepts from the STAC standard. Finally, it explains how the STAC-encoded metadata for processing/analysis resources will be exposed via both APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) as well as human readable interfaces, allowing potential users to easily identify available processing/analysis resources.


D4_3 Public Listing (Catalogue) of FAIRiCUBE processing-analysis resources.pdf

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