Published October 2, 2023 | Version v2
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D3.1 Release 1 of AI-driven inter-domain network control, management, and orchestration innovations


Given the relevancy time-critical services are acquiring for different vertical sectors, standards bodies (such as IETF and IEEE) started working on network architectures capable to support the deterministic and reliable data transmission. Some solutions have been emerging although bounded to specific technological domains and characterised by limitations in terms of interoperability, preventing the provisioning of deterministic service across multiple domains (technological and administrative). In this document, the initial functional design of the AI-driven multi-stakeholder inter-domain control plane (AICP), the PREDICT-6G control plane solutions to seamlessly integrate a data plane building of a set of multi-technology deterministic domain, is discussed. AICP relies on 4 key technological enablers: i) AI/ML, for smart resource allocation, ii) Digital Twins, for system and (deterministic) service’ KPI predictably, iii) Data Collection and Management, for continuous monitoring of the services, and iv) Inter-domain orchestration for the management of E2E deterministic service lifecycle. The topic of how to represent the different technologies, building the underlying networks, inside the AICP is also discussed, as that is a topic that can be considered crucial for the proper lifecycle management of E2E deterministic services.


D3.1_Release 1_of_AI-driven_inter-domain_network_control_management_and_orchestration_innovations_v2.0_Final.pdf

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PREDICT-6G – PRogrammable AI-Enabled DeterminIstiC neTworking for 6G 101095890
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