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Formulation of paints and coatings

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On 13 May 2024 this insightful webinar delve into the real-world performance of cutting-edge advancements in bio-based solutions within the paint and coatings industry, subjecting them to a rigorous reality check.

In the pursuit of sustainability, the transition from fossil-based to bio-based solutions is critical. The demand for high-performance ingredient alternatives, including bio-polymers, lipids, binders, fillers, pigments, and additives, is driving innovation in the paint and coatings markets. According to the American Coatings Association (2023), these components collectively constitute nearly 70% of the industry’s ingredients. Thus, bio-based solutions show great potential to enable a green a transition.

The EU-funded research project PERFECOAT is dedicated to developing bio-based solutions from waste and agricultural residues. Over two years of rigorous examination, PERFECOAT has successfully formulated innovative solutions tailored to meet industry standards and address sustainability challenges. Central to this endeavor is the meticulous testing of each ingredient in their final application as well as in formulation. Comprehensive evaluation methods cover a broad range of criteria, including chemical resistance, moisture resilience, abrasion resistance, and aesthetic factors such as color intensity and UV resistance.
Join us as we unveil the results of our testing methodologies and showcase demonstrator paints tailored for industrial use-cases:

  • High-volume UV-curable clear coatings
  • Waterborne trim paints for industrial and DIY applications
  • Waterborne wall paints optimized for residential and commercial use

This presentation deals with the general introduction to formulation and testing of paint and coatings. 



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