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Published April 19, 2024 | Version 1.0
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e-IRGSP7 recommendations on the future of EOSC

  • 1. Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • 2. International Hellenic University
  • 3. Ethniko Diktyo Ereunas kai Technologias
  • 4. Technische Universität Wien


With its e-IRG Roadmap 2012, e-IRG came up with the definition of the e-Infrastructure Commons which contributed to the EOSC concept, enhanced with elements of Open Science not covered by e-IRG. The e-IRG support programme took one step further the e-Infrastructure Commons and made concrete recommendations for the creation of an EOSC portal/marketplace with the document: Towards the e-Infrastructure Commons 2020: A marketplace for e-Infrastructure services - A concrete step towards e-Infrastructure services integration | Zenodo. This was sent to the EC and later it was confirmed that it was the basis for the Commons part of EOSC.

One can consider that EOSC has two main parts: Open Science and the EOSC Commons (portal/marketplace). Open Science/FAIRification is slow (as it needs a change of culture). For EOSC to quickly show added value to users, there is a need to make progress with the EOSC Commons (marketplace/portals). But again, the current federation approach is slow, RIs and clusters believe that keeping their own portals and Virtual Research Environments (VREs) -in essence silos- is the best approach, but we need something to cut across all the different portals and VREs. Otherwise, there will be no added value and EOSC risks to fail!


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