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IEA Wind Task 52 Lunch Seminar Series (February/March 2024)


This is the material presented during the  IEA Wind Task 52 Lunch Seminar Series 2024, which was held online on between 26 February and 1 March 2024 (all days 13-14 CET).

The seminars were opened with an introduction by the Operating Agent, see a_20240226_IEA-Wind-Task52_lunch-seminar-INTRO.pdf, followed by these presentations:

Day 1 - focus on Lidar-Assisted Control (LAC)

  • Yao Shigang on "GoldWind’s Experience after 7 years of Lidar Assisted Control" (b)
  • Renni Rinker on "Turbulence-field estimation for LAC / Ongoing research from the CONTINUE project" (c) 
  • David Schlipf on "IEA Wind Task 52 LAC Summer Games 2024" (d)

Day 2 - focus on Standardization of Lidar Measurements

  • Nikolai Hille on "New approaches to increase the acceptance of lidar measured TI in standardization" (e)
  • Peter Clive on "From fixed masts to floating lidars / A journey through wind measurement standards" (f)

Day 3 - focus on Lidar in Cold Climate

  • Pekko Tuominen on "Vaisala CL61 and the potential of measuring depolarization in wind energy applications" (g)
  • Alexander Stökl on "Comparative data availability of LiDAR measurements at Alpine sites" (h)

Day 4 - focus on Connecting Wind Lidar

  • Yuriy Marykovskiy on “Wind Energy Domain Semantics Overview” (no presentation available)
  • Francisco Costa on "Making lidar ontology concepts available and reusable" (i)

Day 5 - focus on Nacelle Lidar on Complex Terrain

  • Niels Troldborg on "How does complex terrain change the power curve of a wind turbine?" (j)
  • Steffen Raach on "Nacelle-based lidar measurements in the induction zone for power curve analysis" (k)

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