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GDI Deliverable D8.8 - Evaluation of distributed analysis and federated learning infrastructure solutions and recommendations for adoption

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  • 1. ROR icon Barcelona Supercomputing Center


The completion of the first iteration of the Global Data Initiative technical demonstrators marks a significant milestone in collaborative efforts defining the next level of technologies that will be incorporated into the project. Three key demonstrators showcased advancements in distributed and federated analysis, cancer data mobilisation, and trusted research environments.

Advancements in Distributed and Federated Analysis: The Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) analysis of infectious diseases demonstrated the potential of collaborative frameworks in leveraging disparate datasets while preserving data privacy. Challenges encountered with platforms like Galaxy underscore the need for evolving technologies to facilitate federated analysis seamlessly, which were identified and will be tested on the next iteration of the demonstrator.

Cancer Data Mobilization and Integration: Utilising Galaxy, cBioPortal, and Beacon (v2) highlighted the importance of interoperable platforms in accelerating translational research. Ongoing discussions about platform performance and clinical data harmonisation emphasise the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in refining data management protocols.

Advancements in Trusted Research Environments: The development of a 5-safes RO-Crate compatible Trusted Research Environment laid the foundation for establishing secure and reproducible research infrastructures. Challenges remain in technical capabilities for workflow reproducibility and reutilization.

The successful execution of the three demonstrators underscores multiple collective efforts from different research and knowledge areas. While multiple obstacles were found, strategies to overcome them were found and applied when required and next steps were defined to achieve the goal of each demonstrator.


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