Published February 29, 2024 | Version v1
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GDI D2.1 First analysis of cost elements for the setup of 1+MG infrastructure

  • 1. Nationalt Genom Center (NGC)
  • 2. Health-RI


Long-term financial sustainability is vital for any data infrastructure – but it is particularly true for infrastructures like 1+MG that depend on the accumulation of data over time to function. To accommodate the sensitive nature of the data, the computing infrastructure needs to be made available to users in secure processing environments and there needs to be sufficient storage in place. Coordinating and aligning compute hardware infrastructure, the data and services across many stakeholders and countries is challenging. The infrastructure will need to be able to support a large number of different users, working in research, health care and innovation.

This deliverable provides the first step in building the financial underpinnings of this understanding: it defines the functional elements across the infrastructure with their independent functions in operating the infrastructure, and provides lists of cost items for each of these functions including how they scale with regard to the size of the infrastructure. Future work will focus on possible sources of financing that can be appealed to for the maintenance of each of these functions.


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