Published February 28, 2024 | Version v1
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GDI D6.6 Report outlining the recommendations on data curation and ELSI compliance


  • 1. VIB Data Core


It is a challenging task to work with genomic data sequenced over several years (legacy and future data). The aim of this deliverable is to gather recommendations and best practices for the process of curating data for ingestion into GDI nodes. Data curation is a broad term that includes managing data throughout its lifecycle, overlapping with other tasks and aspects of the GDI project. Since one important aspect of data curation is to ensure its quality—the availability and fitness for use and reuse-, this report will focus on data quality aspects and ELSI compliance during the submission process to the data repository. It also discusses some possibilities on how to assure data quality and elaborates on the concepts of data quality and data curation, with a strong focus on genomic data. This report then provides a list of resources for genomic data quality assessment.



202401 - GDI_D6.6 Report outlining the recommendations on data curation and ELSI compliance.pdf

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European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) 101081813
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