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D5.1. PERCEIVE Platform Specifications

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The D5.1 deliverable is a cornerstone of the PERCEIVE project, pivotal in defining the comprehensive requirements and specifications for the PERCEIVE platform. This platform represents an all-encompassing system that integrates both front-end and back-end functionalities. It is intricately designed to actualize the Expected Outcomes outlined in D2.2, playing a central role in the project's mission to preserve and enhance cultural heritage using advanced digital technologies. The primary objective of D5.1 is to establish a clear, detailed framework that meticulously guides the platform's development, ensuring alignment with the diverse needs of various stakeholders.
To accurately define the requirements and specifications of the PERCEIVE platform, a standardized, multi-faceted approach has been adopted, comprising Functional Needs Analysis (FNA), Operational Needs Analysis (ONA), and Technical Needs Analysis (TNA). This holistic methodology, rooted in contemporary best practices and literature, reflects the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive analysis in software engineering and system development.
• Functional Needs Analysis (FNA): This focuses on identifying the essential functionalities of the system, ensuring that the platform's capabilities meet the project's objectives.
• Operational Needs Analysis (ONA): The ONA assesses how the system will operate within its intended environment, concentrating on optimizing system performance, reliability, and user ergonomics.
• Technical Needs Analysis (TNA): TNA delves into the technical specifics required for effective implementation, encompassing aspects such as architectural design, technological frameworks, and scalability.
The integration of these three key analyses ensures the development of a robust, user-friendly, and technically sound platform. This approach caters to the diverse needs of stakeholders, ranging from heritage scientists and ICT specialists to individuals in the creative industries. It aligns with specific scenarios, such as color preservation in artworks and digital reconstructions, detailed in the PERCEIVE project.
The comprehensive approach undertaken in D5.1 is instrumental in addressing the intricate and multifaceted requirements of a project as ambitious and forward-looking as PERCEIVE. This project stands to revolutionize how we interact with and preserve cultural heritage, harnessing the power of advanced digital technologies to create a platform that is not only functionally rich and technologically advanced but also user-centric and aligned with the specialized needs of the cultural heritage domain.


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