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Climate model and proxy input data for PaleoDA South America reconstruction

  • 1. ROR icon University of Liège
  • 2. ROR icon University of Tübingen
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This repository contains  input data needed to run the paleoclimate reconstruction code for  "A continental reconstruction of hydroclimatic variability in South America during the past 2000 years", submitted to Climate of the Past in February 2024 [].  The Github repository is located here:


model_data: One File for each Model (GISS, CCSM (isoGSM), CESM, ECHAM5, iHADCM3) and variable (prec,tsurf,d18O, SPEI). Monthly resolution.

proxy_data: One File for each proxy record type (Trees and corals contain a separate file for annual and djf linear regression parameters, the proxy data as such is the same). The data has yearly resolution, and thus also contains NaNs for when a year is not covered by a proxy. Note, that these time series are resampled to a regular resolution in the multi-time scale PaleoDA code.

Climate Model Data:

The original data can be found in The data in this repository here has been slightly modified and regridded for easier processing by the reconstruction algorithm.  When using the data here, please also cite and the publication 

"Investigating stable oxygen and carbon isotopic variability in speleothem records over the last millennium using multiple isotope-enabled climate models", by 

Janica C. Bühler, Josefine Axelsson, Franziska A. Lechleitner, Jens Fohlmeister, Allegra N. LeGrande, Madhavan Midhun, Jesper Sjolte, Martin Werner, Kei Yoshimura, and Kira Rehfeld (

Climate Proxy Data:

A regional proxy record subselection for South America. See References in Appendix D Choblet et al. [LINK]. The DOI of each record is stored as Metadata.

How were these files created?

The steps are documented in the the Github repository (data_preprocessing). The SPEI drought index has ben computed from modeled precipitation and temperature using Thornthwaite's method (using the Climate Indices package,





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