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Design and Implementation of High Speed Low Power Decimation Filter for Hearing AID Applications

Dr. S V V Satyanarayana; K Teja Sri; K Madhavi; G Jhansi; B Jaya Sri

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K Teja Sri

Abstract: This work is focused on designing and implementing a decimation filter specifically intended for use in hearing aid applications. The filter utilizes distributed arithmetic (DA) and is described in this brief. Our proposal involves the development of a reconfigurable finite impulse response (FIR) filter, which utilizes both offset binary code (OBC) and binary distributed arithmetic (DA) techniques. Additionally, we utilize canonic signed digit (CSD) representation to develop decimation filters, which include the CIC filter, half band filter, and corrector filter. In this work, we have implemented a decimation filter using Matlab Simulink. We have utilized Xilinx Vivado 19.2 to execute the FIR filters, binary DA filters, and OBC DA-based filters. Our focus is on implementing these filters using VLSI architecture, in order to achieve low power consumption, reduced latency, less area, and fast speed.

Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP) © Copyright: All rights reserved.
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