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Bus Violence: a large-scale benchmark for video violence detection in public transport

Paweł Foszner; Michał Staniszewski; Agnieszka Szczęsna; Michał Cogiel; Dominik Golba; Luca Ciampi; Nicola Messina; Claudio Gennaro; Fabrizio Falchi; Giuseppe Amato; Gianluca Serao

Contact person(s)
Michał Staniszewski
Data collector(s)
Paweł Foszner; Michał Staniszewski; Michał Cogiel; Dominik Golba
Data curator(s)
Luca Ciampi; Nicola Messina; Paweł Foszner; Michał Staniszewski; Claudio Gennaro; Gianluca Serao


The Bus Violence dataset is a large-scale collection of videos depicting violent and non-violent situations in public transport environments. This benchmark was gathered from multiple cameras located inside a moving bus where several people simulated violent actions, such as stealing an object from another person, fighting between passengers, etc. It contains 1,400 video clips manually annotated as having or not violent scenes, making it one of the biggest benchmarks for video violence detection in the literature.

Specifically, videos are recorded from three cameras at 25 Frames Per Second (FPS) --- two cameras located in the corners of the bus (with resolution 960x540 px) and one fisheye in the middle (1280x960 px). The clips have a minimum length of 16 frames and a maximum of 48 frames, capturing a very precise action (either violence or non-violence). The dataset is perfectly balanced, containing 700 videos of violence and 700 videos of non-violence.

The Bus Violence dataset is intended as a test data benchmark. However, for researchers interested in using our data also for training purposes, we provide training and test splits.

In this repository, we provide

  • the 1,400 video clips divided into two folders named Violence /NoViolence, containing clips of violent situations and non-violent situations, respectively;

  • two txt files containing the names of the videos belonging to the training and test splits, respectively.


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Contact Information

Blees Sp. z o.o., Gliwice, Poland



The presented dataset was supported by: European Union funds awarded to Blees Sp. z o.o. under grant POIR.01.01.01-00-0952/20-00 “Development of a system for analysing vision data captured by public transport vehicles interior monitoring, aimed at detecting undesirable situations/behaviours and passenger counting (including their classification by age group) and the objects they carry”); EC H2020 project "AI4media: a Centre of Excellence delivering next generation AI Research and Training at the service of Media, Society and Democracy" under GA 951911; research project INAROS (INtelligenza ARtificiale per il mOnitoraggio e Supporto agli anziani), Tuscany POR FSE CUP B53D21008060008.



The Bus Violence dataset was acquired by Blees Sp. z o.o. and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license for non-commercial use.

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