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OpenLB Release 1.5: Open Source Lattice Boltzmann Code

Kummerländer, A.; Avis, S.; Kusumaatmaja, H.; Bukreev. F.; Dapelo, D.; Großmann, S.; Hafen, N.; Holeksa, C.; Husfeldt, A.; Jeßberger, J.; Kronberg, L.; Marquardt, J.E.; Mödl, J.; Nguyen, J.; Pertzel, T.; Simonis, S.; Springmann, L.; Suntoyo, N.; Teutscher, D.; Zhong, M.; Krause, M.J.

The OpenLB project provides a C++ package for the implementation of lattice Boltzmann methods (LBM) that is general enough to address a vast range of tansport problems, e.g. in computational fluid dynamics. The source code is publicly available and constructed in a well readable, modular way. This enables for a fast implementation of both simple academic test problems and advanced engineering applications. It is also easily extensible to include new physical content.

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Release comments:
support for GPUs and vectorized collision steps on CPU, complete overhaul of the core Dynamics and PostProcessor concepts, new improved resolved particle system as well as the ability to simulate free surface flows and reactions; compatibility tested on: various Linux distributions (NixOS 21.11, Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2), Windows WSL 1 and 2, Mac OS 11.6, compilers (GCC 9, 10, 11; Clang 13; Intel C++ 19, 2021.4; Nvidia CUDA 11.4; Nvidia HPC SDK 21.3), MPI (OpenMPI 3.1, 4.1; Intel MPI 2021.3.0)

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