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In-depth analysis of 18 case studies on state-of-the-art of cultural tourism interventions

Moretti, Simone; Klijs, Jeroen; Çakmak, Erdinç; Neuts, Bart; van der Donk, Mylene; Mainil, Tomas; Björn, Ella; Lüthje, Monika; Calvi, Licia; van Ouwekerk, Frederike; Mzembe, Andrew; Petrić, Lidija; Pivčević, Smiljana; Šimundić, Blanka; Bertocchi, Dario; Camargo-Borges, Celiane; Matteucci, Xavier; Fidelbo, Costanza; Koens, Ko

The aim of Work Package 3 of the SmartCulTour project ( is to provide a state-of-the-art overview of cultural tourism interventions implemented in European cities and regions, thereby identifying best practices and the impacts and success conditions of cultural tourism interventions. Based on the previous, desk-researched 107 interesting cultural tourism interventions see "Desk research of 107 case studies on state-of-the-art of cultural tourism interventions", DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5213017 ), a further 18 interventions were selected for in-depth analysis.

These 18 cultural tourism interventions were analyzed via a series of expert interviews, combined with document and literature analysis, performed in the period January 2021-March 2021. Description of the case studies follows a standardized case study data collection form. This form is included here as "Case study data collection form". The form collect data on:

  • Context and background information;
  • The 'reason why' of the intervention;
  • The intervention;
  • Resources and tools necessary to design and implement the interventions;
  • Impacts (expected, perceived and measured);
  • (Perceived) success conditions and limiting factors.

The semi-structured interviews left some room for adaptability depending on the case studies. A general guide on potential interview questions is included here as "Potential questions list for case study interviews".

All case studies are included as individual odt-files, starting with "detailed case study + name of the intervention".

See "Cultural tourism interventions towards sustainable development" (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5270771) for a summarizing report on the analysis of these 18 cultural tourism interventions.
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detailed case study - Brabant Remembers Living History AR-App.odt
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detailed case study - City Museum Lier.odt
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detailed case study - Crazy Guides in Nowa Huta.odt
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detailed case study - CultPlatform 21 - Danube Culture Platform Creative Spaces.odt
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detailed case study - Culture Strategy, London.odt
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detailed case study - CulturWB - Strengthening Capacities for Tourism Changes.odt
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detailed case study - Dolomites UNESCO - Plan Braies 2020.odt
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detailed case study - Historic Villages of Portugal.odt
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detailed case study - Hôtel du Nord cooperative.odt
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detailed case study - International Festival of Masquerade Games Surova.odt
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detailed case study - Migrantour.odt
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detailed case study - Ontourage.odt
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detailed case study - Pakruojis Synagogue - Jewish Heritage in Lithuania.odt
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detailed case study - Rockerill Charleroi.odt
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detailed case study - Storytelling Festival at the Alden-Biesen Castle.odt
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detailed case study - Sámi Duodji handicraft label (trademark).odt
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