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Dataset: RESpondIng to outbreaks through co-creaTIve sustainable inclusive equality stRatEgies (RESISTIRÉ) - societal responses

Cibin, Roberto; Stöckelová, Tereza; Linková, Marcela

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Warnaars, Tanya; Detsis, Emmanuel
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Beck, Celina; Guenther, Elisabeth Anna; Kerremans, Aart; Wuiame, Nathalie; Zivkovic, Igor; Golemanova, Ralitsa; Sarnavka, Sanja; Kyprianou, Maria; Maufras Cernohorska, Vanda; Thidemann Faber, Stine; Tanhua, Inkeri; Rosalou, Triin; de Cheveigné, Suzanne; Yorulmaz, Merve; Kambouri, Nelli; Kende, Agnes; Salome Steinþórsdóttir, Finnborg; Galligan, Yvonne; Gavigan, Sylvia; Clavero, Sara; Ryan, Mark; Aglietti, Claudia; Berliri, Maresa; Zitmane, Marita; TRETJAKOVA, Vaida; Kontvaine, Vita; Niuewkamp, Elsbeth; Kaziur, Amber; van Engen, Marloes; Ciaputa, Ewelina; Sales de Oliveira, Catarina; Stroe, Monica; Antonijevic, Zorana; Ocenasova, Zuzana; Zupevc, Katarina; Ghidoni, Elena; Tarragona, Laia; López Belloso, María; Callerstig, Anne Charlotte; Fatma, Tuncer; Biehl, Kristen; Turker, Nazli; Can Ok, Oğuz; Tzanakou, Charoula; Still, Alexis; Stovell, Clare; Humbert, Anne Laure

The aim of the RESISTIRE project ( is (1) to understand the impact of COVID-19 policy responses on behavioral, social and economic inequalities on the basis of a conceptual gender+ framework, and (2) to design, devise and pilot policy solutions and social innovations to be deployed by policymakers, stakeholders and actors in different policy domains.  
Mapping of COVID-19 policies and societal responses related to specific gender inequalities and vulnerable groups, at the national and regional level, is important part of the project activities.  
This dataset containing data on societal responses in individual countries is one of the outputs of the project. For more information about the project and the specific dataset see the related report

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