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LIBER 2021 - Workshop: Citizen Science: Defining a role for my library

Overgaard, Anne Kathrine; van Gorp, Dirk; Kaarsted, Thomas; Ignat, Tiberius; Worthington, Simon

These are the slides from the LIBER 2021 Workshop: Citizen Science: Defining a role for my library


Citizen Science gets momentum as universities and libraries are opening centers, units and hubs in order to build infrastrucure, services and facilitate the work of researchers. While every university is unique and no one size fits all, nonetheless, there are a number of roles in citizen science activities for which libraries are particularly well positioned.

This future-oriented, innovative and dialogue-oriented workshop will try to identify roles, services and how to get started. Buidling on the LIBER Open Science Roadmap and activities of the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group, this event outlines WHAT roles can be defined, WHERE to find inspiration, and HOW research libraries can move to implementation mode.

The workshop contain of two parts.

1. Roles and services: feedback and discussion (09.15-10.10)

  • The Power of Many. Advocacy, engagement and the UN SDG’s. (Anne Kathrine Overgaard & Thomas Kaarsted) 
  • Research Librarians Guide to Citizen Science. Drawing inspiration from SciStarter’s groundbreaking ‘Librarians Guide to Citizen Science’ (2019) the Working Group will publish a similar guide for research libraries. (Simon Worthington)  
  • Templates for Single Point of Contact. Building on the BESPOC-model (Ignat & Ayris 2020), the Working Group aims to deliver a series of digital templates for all libraries. (Dirk van Gorp & Tiberius Ignat) 

2. How to get started: a facilitated discussion in groups (10.00-11.00)
Building on the presentations in Part One, participants get the opportunity to outline roles for themselves. Part Two consists of three themes:

  • How to get started: Advocacy, barriers and no one size fits all 
  • How to get going: Tips & tricks from the research librarians guide to citizen science 
  • How to consolidate: The library as single point on contact 
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