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Catalogue of Diversity of Social Innovation

Valero; Bryce

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Valero, Diana

The ‘Catalogue of Social Innovation Diversity in Rural Areas’ is the consolidated version of the research database of examples of social innovation in marginalised rural areas developed by the project SIMRA. The file contains a spreadsheet document that includes descriptive information of all the examples reviewed and recorded at some stage in the research database.

The catalogue includes basic information for identifying and describing the examples and the characteristics of the social innovation. The total number of examples in the catalogue is 401. Of this number, 243 examples were positively validated using the SIMRA definition of social innovation. The information included in the catalogue for these examples is sufficient to meet the criteria of social innovation as defined by SIMRA. The remaining examples either demonstrate elements of social innovation without meeting all criteria, or include insufficient information to allow a positive validation. Examples can be filtered according to spatial scale, country, sector, topic, form and SIMRA validation.

Valero, D. and Bryce, R. (2020) Catalogue of Social Innovation Diversity in Rural Areas. (Final version). [data file]. SIMRA: Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas [producer]. Zenodo [distributor]. 10.5281/zenodo.3695734
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  • Bryce, R., Valero, D. and Price, M. 2017. Creation of Interactive Database of Examples of Social Innovation, Deliverable 3.2, Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA). pp.24.

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