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Ecosystem of research stakeholders implementing RRI and Open Science (Open Research, or Open Scholarship)

Grigorov, Ivo; Behrens, Michel; Carvalho, Jose; Davidson, Joy; Elbaek, Mikael; Melero, Reme; Knoth, Petr; Kuchma, Iryna; Retberg, Najla; Rodrigues, Eloy; Schmidt, Birgit; Swan, Alma

Single Figure Publication (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.30564): Boundaries between the various stakeholder groups are onlyt arbitraty for visual representation of their enagegement through the career path of a young researcher. The boundaries in fact need to be fully permeable so that a Project Manager appreciates the relevance, benefits (and costs!) of Open Science to a grant proposal as well as to the applicants career, tenure evaluation and institutional benefits.

Likewise a librarian training other stakeholders within the ecosystem, needs to take into account not just the free flow of publications throughout the system, but also demonstrate benefits of Open Data to the knoweldge mapping and discovery process, by use of data discovery, mapping and visualisation tools in order to inspire other professionals to adhere to best RDM & Open Data practices.

Grant Funding: FP7 FOSTER, Grant Agreement 612 425 (

Contributions: IG conceived the first draft of concept and context. All authors contributed to improving the final design and testing its relevance through FOSTER Training Calendar 2014-2016 (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.48748).

Competing interests: No known competing interests.

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