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Towards the sustainable hydrogen production by catalytic conversion of C-laden biorefinery aqueous streams

Pipitone, Giuseppe; Zoppi,Giulia; Ansaloni, Simone; Bocchini, Sergio; Deorsola, Fabio; Pirone, Raffaele; Bensaid, Samir

An extensive screening of representative molecules of a post-hydrothermal process side stream has been performed with the aim of producing a gas mixture rich in hydrogen by catalytic aqueous phase reforming. The survey enlightens possible routes of valorisation of these by-products, scarcely investigated with other processes so far. The influence of reaction temperature was studied in the 230–270 °C range, looking at both the composition of the gas phase and the characterization of the liquid products. Indeed, the information coming from the condensed phase may provide relevant insights on the components that are not easily reformed, and that should be studied to improve the performance of the process. Binary and ternary mixtures of four selected compounds were tested to investigate synergistic and inhibiting effects, going towards the direction of a real biorefinery stream. The spent alumina-supported catalyst was characterized, outlining possible deactivation mechanisms of the catalytic system, and reused in two successive tests.

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