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Open Science Skills Workshop Presentations

Valentino Cavalli; Anne de Vries; Bartel Van de Walle; Rinze Benedictus; Maria Cruz; Simon Kerridge

Who hasn’t heard about Open Science? Open Science is high on the agenda of research funders and academic institutions. Consequently, researchers are asked more and more frequently to manage and share all their research outputs, to make their findings available to the public, to make their publications available open access. But does all the extra effort count in academic careers? How can academic rewards systems better recognise the work to make science open, and encourage researchers to develop the right skills?

In order to change academic rewards system, it is necessary that the skills (or the requirements) that researchers should have at different stages of their careers are defined and agreed upon.

Towards achieving these objectives, we organised an event on September 26, 2018  entitled "Time for open science skills to count in academic careers!". This collection hosts the presentations of the speakers at the event. 

The workshop outcomes will provide a useful feedback to EOSCpilot, which is laying the groundwork for skills development in the European Commission’s European Open Science Cloud.

The workshop also responds to the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) recent recommendations to the EC and other stakeholders on ‘Embedding Open Science’. These include a call for Universities to:

  • explore how to incorporate openness into training and rewards systems

  • support advocacy work with researchers at all levels to ensure a recognition of the benefits of an open science approach and of changing the existing assessment, recognition and reward practices

  • build capacity by investing in and training relevant support staff to work alongside research administrators to help researchers deliver Open Science, so as to ensure availability of the right mixture of skills to support its realisation.


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