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Jingju a cappella singing dataset part3

Rong Gong; Xavier Serra


This is the 3rd part of the jingju a cappella singing dataset. This part focus on the music education application. For this purpose, we collected both "teacher" and "students" recordings for each aria.

文件 Files:

  1. audio files in .wav format, mono
  2. line, syllable and phoneme time boundaries and labels, in Praat .textgrid format
  3.  line, syllable and phoneme time boundaries and labels, in .txt format
    1. *phrase_char: phrase-level time boundaries, labeled in Mandarin characters
    2. *phrase: phrase-level time boundaries, labeled in Mandarin pinyin
    3. *syllable: syllable-level time boundaries, labeled in Mandarin pinyin
    4. *phoneme: phoneme-level time boundaries, labeled in X-SAMPA
  4. arias.ods: spreadsheet containing the detailed information of each recording -- role-type, shengqiang, banshi, singer and melodic line, syllable, phoneme numbers.


艺术家 Artists:


Teacher recordings are recorded by 3 professional young jingju performers. Student recordings are performed by several non-jingju professional primary school students and some non-art university students. 


标注 Annotation:

数据库包含一部分录音的唱句起始位置和音节起始位置标注,标注格式为Praat TextGrid。唱句标注包含有每一唱句的歌词,此歌词从曲谱提取,并不与实际演唱一致;音节标注包含拼音,音素标注为X-SAMPA,经过作者修正,试图与演唱发音一致。

The dataset contains the line and syllable boundary annotation for a part of recordings, in Praat TextGrid format. The line annotation contains the lyrics for each line, which is extracted from the score, and might not coherent with the actual singing; the syllable annotation contains pinyin, phoneme annotation uses X-SAMPA, corrected by the author to be coherent with the actual singing.


Annotation format, units, parsing code and other information please refer to:


协议 License:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0


联系方式 Contact information:

如果任何问题,请联系作者 If you have any question, please contact the author:

龚嵘 Rong Gong: Email - rong<dot>gong<at>upf<dot>edu, Wechat id - gongr86

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