Vallon de Nant - environmental research catchment

Vallon de Nant - environmental research catchment

The collection contains data sets (and related publications) collected in the Vallon de Nant catchment, Swiss Alps, by different research groups. All publications are summarized here. The leading research institute is IDYST from University of Lausanne, which together with WSL maintains a stream gauge and sediment transport observation station at the catchment outlet. The catchment is part of the WSL Sediment transport observation network. Published sediment transport data is available from Envidat.

The catchment can be visualized on, in the dataset "Topographical catchment areas of Swiss waterbodies 2 km² ", catchment number 122183 (but with a slightly different outlet, the experiment catchment outlet is at 2'574'620.5, 1'122'475.4, here).

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Peer-reviewed publications

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