Digital Music Observatory

Digital Music Observatory

The Digital Music Observatory is a fully automated, open source, open data observatory that links public datasets in order to provide a comprehensive view of the European music industry. The DMO produces key business and policy indicators that enable the growth of music business strategies and national music policies in a way that works both for music lover audiences and the creative enterprises of the sector.

Its data pillars are following the structure laid out in the Feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory:

The Demo Music Observatory Pillars:

  1. Music Economy
  2. Diversity & Circulation
  3. Music & Society
  4. Innovation - innovative data applications


Music is one of the most data-driven service industries where the majority of sales are already made by AI-driven autonomous systems. The DMO is a fully-functional service that can function as a testing ground of the European Data Strategy, showcasing the ways in which the music industry is affected by the problems that the Digital Services Act and the Trustworthy AI initiatives attempt to regulate. If these policies will work for the European microenterprise-dominated, complex and fragile European music ecosystem, then they are likely to make Europe fit for the digital age. We submit our automated observatory into the EU Datathon 2021 challenge.