ISKO UK is the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization. We are a not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of Knowledge Organization (KO) whose aim is to organise information using tools and techniques such as controlled vocabularies, classifications, taxonomies as well as semantic technologies. Event outputs published in this collection reflect the wide scope of KO applications within the data/information profession.

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which hosts the papers submitted to the IV ISKO Conference (Spain-Portugal), held in Barcelona, July 2019.

With time, the ISKO UK collection will include outputs generated by a wide variety of events. Among others, it will be possible to access proceedings from conferences, seminars, Meetup, educational and research events.

Biennial Conferences - Since its foundation in 2007, ISKO UK has organised biennale conferences. We are in the process of publishing the outputs of these events, starting with the very first conference, “Content Architecture: exploiting and managing diverse resources”, held at University College London on 22–23 June 2009.

In most cases, contributions have generated three types of files: slides, full paper and audio-recording. All files have been assigned appropriate metadata drawn from a controlled vocabulary, designed by a dedicated team of taxonomists. The taxonomy is being developed using vocabulary drawn from outputs, then controlled to ensure consistent indexing. 

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