Scan4Reco Project (H2020-REFLECTIVE-7-2014)

Scan4Reco Project (H2020-REFLECTIVE-7-2014)

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas ,
Ormylia Foundation ,
Opificio delle Pietre Dure ,
Center for Advanced Studies Research and Development in Sardinia

This repository contains ALL public dissemination materials and project results made available by the consortium partners of the Scan4Reco project funded by the Horizon'2020 Research Framework Program.

Scan4Reco project aims to develop a novel portable, integrated and modular solution for customized and thus cost-effective, automatic digitization and analysis of cultural heritage objects (CHOs), even in situ. A multi-sensory 3D scanning - facilitated by a mechanical arm – aims to collect multi-spectra data, which will be used to perform a 3D reconstruction of CHOs using a hierarchical approach. This will enable a multi-layered rendering, advancing both the analysis and 3D printing procedures. The goal is to create highly accurate digital surrogates of CHOs, providing a detailed view of their surface as well as a volumetric structure, material composition and shape/structure of underlying materials, thus enabling rendering for visualization and/or multi-material 3D printing.

Scan4Reco project will further facilitate conservation, by indicating spots/segments of cultural objects that are in eminent conservation need and require special care, while suggestions will be provided by a dedicated Decision Support System (DSS), over conservation methods that should be followed.

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