EPFL - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

EPFL - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The MUST criteria are required in order to accept a submission to the EPFL community.


  1. At least one author is affiliated with EPFL at the time of the submission or creation of the submitted work.
  2. The content of the upload must be accessible for review, i.e. Open Access, or Restricted after an access request has been completed. Embargoed uploads will be reviewed after the embargo has expired.
  3. The Description of the submitted upload is sufficiently detailed. Mere references to external articles or other resources are not a sufficient description.
  4. If no ORCID is listed, the name and surname and EPFL email address of at least one author are specified in the Description.


  1. Authors are identified by their ORCID.
  2. The title is human-readable on the same level as conventional publications: filenames or coded expressions are deprecated.
  3. If existing, references to related publications (e.g., article, source code, other datasets, etc.) are specified in the "Related/alternate identifiers" field, using a DOI if available.
  4. In general, a README file is present in the root directory, and in case the submission consists of a compressed file then it is external. The README file is not needed for records consisting in one single document which already contains enough information (such as publications, posters and presentation slides).
  5. Any sensitive, personal data has been anonymized.


  1. If applicable, related grants are acknowledged using “Funding/Grants” fields.
  2. The upload has been cleaned up (e.g., there are no temporary or unnecessary empty files or folders, no superfluous file versions, etc.).
  3. Permissive licenses are preferred (order of preference: CC0, CC-BY-4.0, CC-BY-SA-4.0 for data; MIT, BSD, GPL for code).
  4. When a README file is advised, it contains information such as the convention for files and folders naming, possible ontologies or controlled vocabularies, etc. 
  5. If the submission is related to a PhD thesis, the supervisor is specified.
  6. Files are available in open formats.
  7. Where applicable, sources from which the work is derived are specified.
  8. Keywords are entered as separated fields.

References to the EPFL Community uploads will be imported on Infoscience for improved visibility and, if allowed by the license and related to publications, the uploads will be archived in the EPFL Academic Output Archive, ACOUA.