H2020 FET-Open Project DeDNAed

H2020 FET-Open Project DeDNAed

Cluster decorated recognition elements on DNA origami for enhanced raman spectroscopic detection methods


"A DNA origami biosensor"


The complementary base pairs of DNA allow its folding into desired shapes and nanostructures through a process known as DNA origami. The EU-funded DeDNAed project is working on a novel sensor based on a DNA origami template that offers unparalleled sensitivity, versatility and speed. The architecture of the biosensor is essentially a single strand of DNA which folds after thermal treatment and creates sticky ends that are further decorated using sensing elements and nanoparticles. The biosensor is not limited to specific biomarkers, offering an extensive array of potential applications, from medical technology to food monitoring.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 researchand innovation programme under grant agreement No 964248.