Anoma Research Topics

Anoma Research Topics

Anoma Research Topics (ART) is an open-access, peer-reviewed index of research and development focused on distributed systems, cryptography, compilers, and Anoma related topics. It is community-driven and primarily features contributions from Anoma researchers, but external submissions are more than welcome.

Anoma Research Topics encompasses a wide array of topics and disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Distributed Systems and Blockchain: Topics such as consensus protocols, P2P architectures, information flow control, vertical & horizontal scalability, heterogeneous trust, and privacy-preserving protocols fall under this category.

  • Cryptography: This category includes areas like zero-knowledge proofs, hash functions, distributed key generation protocols, public-key infrastructure, data encryption, digital signatures, commitment schemes, witness encryption, homomorphic encryption, and other cryptographic protocols.

  • Compilers and Formal Methods: This includes research on type systems and functional programming, implementation of programming languages, formalization of blockchain systems, and optimization processes that help convert high-level code into efficient arithmetic circuits usable with ZK proof systems.

  • Research Logistics: This category includes the workflows, reproducibility, and documentation that underpin effective research practices.

We also encourage submissions that shed light on the Anoma protocol's inner workings and its ecosystem's broader aspects regardless of whether they introduce new techniques. If your research touches upon the design, implementation, or dissemination of technologies related to Anoma, we want to hear from you. If you want expeditious feedback on an idea that could be a research topic, please don't hesitate to make a post on the research forums.