ADMONT will implement a distributed, More-than-Moore pilot line for a broad set of modules in technologies or essential capabilities not presently available within one manufacturing facility. ADMONT is going to be set up as an incubation centre for SME innovations in Europe, for electronics systems and solutions.

Relevance and Impact

ADMONT will:

  • Put in place a multi-KET (“Key Enabling Technology”) pilot line contributing to the development of an innovative and competitive ecosystem and ECS industry with production in Europe
  • Bridge the gap between research, exploitation, industrial development and smart system integration, thereby stimulating economic and employment growth in the EU
  • Provide a unique, modular concept using “More-than-Moore”-based Key Enabling Technologies such as micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics and biomedical technology
  • Directly serve the key application areas Smart Health,Smart Production, Smart Energy and Smart Mobility
  • Revolutionise the innovation speed of SMEs by providing the possibility to combine process technologies and design capabilities that, before ADMONT, were isolated and out of reach
  • Drive miniaturization, reducing manufacturing times of systems by more than 25%, and manufacturing cost down to 70% of today's electronic systems
  • Contribute to cost effective and energy efficient production with robust and stable processes, technologies and product diversification using More-than-Moore automated production techniques, demonstrated through a world-class pilot line with
    high yield and excellent quality

Technical Innovation

ADMONT provides a novel approach for innovation in all sectors. It is not limited to a specific application or market, but is able to serve different applications like Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Food Processing, Health, Safety, ICT and various other end markets can benefit. ADMONT supplies system integrators with a modular system for combining distinct technologies at wafer level while providing a vital and necessary platform for new products.
This encompasses not only process technology but also design and modelling capabilities. ADMONT aims to reduce manufacturing times for base components to 75% and reduce system costs to 70% of what can be achieved today. Electronics-based products will benefit from increased innovation speed and
hence accelerated time to market. This will bring the benefits of innovation to the full value chain, both from a production perspective and from an end user perspective.