Published February 20, 2023 | Version 2
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Research data management framework for institutions



Australia now has a national framework for institutional research data management (RDM), which can help universities and research organisations create a data-rich institutional approach to research.

To help institutions address the challenges around RDM, the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) partnered with 25 Australian universities in the Institutional Underpinnings program to:

  • facilitate a more cohesive, collaborative approach to RDM across Australia’s universities and research institutions more generally.

  • support an overall uplift in their RDM capability in line with the responsibilities outlined under the Australian code for the responsible conduct of research.

This joint effort culminated in a national framework for institutional RDM, the Research Data Management Framework for Institutions. Highlighting 19 elements essential for RDM, 9 of which were identified for immediate action, the framework helps institutions:

  • design RDM policy, procedures, infrastructure and services

  • improve coordination of RDM within and between institutions.

The framework is intended specifically for Australian universities but may be useful to other research institutions. It provides an institutional-level perspective and was informed by key stakeholders across relevant business units at each university.

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