Published September 5, 2023 | Version v1
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A computer-assisted Faulted Phase Selection Algorithm for dealing with the effects of Renewable Resources in Smart grids

  • 1. CIRCE Research Centre
  • 2. Instituto Universitario de Investigación CIRCE


The increase in renewable generation in the grid has brought new challenges for the protection systems currently installed
in the distribution and transmission network. Among these challenges is the misoperation of the faulted phase selection
logic currently implemented in commercial protection relays. This article presents a Faulted Phase Selection (FPS) algorithm
based on incremental line-to-line voltages. Considering the advantages of IEC61850 standard, the algorithm is
implemented in a computer-based system using C code. The FPS operation is tested in HiL mode using an RTDS simulator.
Different fault conditions are considered during the test, varying fault type, resistance, and location. Furthermore,
evolving faults are also included in the tests. From the study, it is concluded that the proposed algorithm operates correctly
in all analyzed scenarios.


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