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Digital Skills for FAIR and Responsible Open Science: Co-creating the Content, Structure and Pathways

  • 1. Consortium GARR
  • 2. Aarhus University
  • 3. Learning Planet Institute
  • 4. Graz University of Technology


This workshop from the Skills4EOSC and PATTERN projects together with the EOSC Association’s Data Stewardship Curricula and Career Paths Task Force aims to promote new approaches to address competence gaps in Open Science (OS) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), clarify the role profiles and career paths of data professionals, and help design high quality FAIR learning resources for learners and educators.

Using a pedagogical approach inspired by “Double Loop Learning” (Eberle and Childress, 2005), the workshop combines panel presentations and co-construction groups, focused around two main topics: (1) Competences, learning and career paths, including the landscape and recommendations of the EOSC-A TF on Data Stewardship Curricula and Career Paths, plus some of the Skills4EOSC project outputs such as defining Minimum Viable Skillsets (MVS) for Data Stewards and other roles; also, (2) training methodologies, quality assurance and engagement will be including the Skills4EOSC project methodology to develop learning materials that are FAIR-by-Design, to ensure their maximum reusability within the community and to foster engagement and motivation. We’ll invite feedback on these approaches and aim to explore how they can be implemented within participants’ organisations. Moreover, PATTERN hosts discussions aimed at building the foundations of a quality framework for training in OS and RRI through a co-creation and participatory method that draws on the collective knowledge, skills and experience of participants.

By building on the results of Skills4EOSC and PATTERN projects as well as those from the EOSC-A Task Force, the workshop aims at achieving the following learning outcomes:

  • Learning the new methodology for FAIR-by-Design learning materials, and how it ensures maximum reusability within the community.
  • Improving development and reuse of OS and RRI training resources through a common understanding of quality, fairness and the needs of learners.
  • Clarifying Data Stewards’ roles, core activities and specialisations, and how their skillsets can include OS as part of their own career trajectory and those of others.
  • Understanding the concept of Minimum Viable Skillsets (MVS) and how it may be applied to inform curricula and career paths for Data Stewards.

Overall, the workshop aims to help participants focus on digital skills necessary for RRI and FAIR and Open Science and ensure the maximum reusability of digital learning materials.


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