Published September 28, 2023 | Version v1
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Database of Short Term Damage Equivalent Loads (DEL) of IWT7.5MW wind turbine depending on wind, TI, yaw and derating

  • 1. Fraunhofer IWES, TU Wien
  • 2. Fraunhofer IWES


Two datasets for short term damage equivalent loads (DEL) and energy production of the IWT7.5 MW research wind turbine ( are provided. dataset_Derating is a subset of dataSet_Derating_withYaw.

The damage equivalent loads are computed with the rainflow counting algorithm applied to time series loads. They are based on Miner's rule. Further details can be found in: 
Requate, N., Meyer, T., and Hofmann, R.: From wind conditions to operational strategy: Optimal planning of wind turbine damage progression over its lifetime, Wind Energ. Sci., accepted for publication, 2023. 

In the paper, the dataset_Derating was used to create surrogate models.

A fullfactorial approach to simulate different parameter-combination was applied. 
Information about the signals and units is provided in the yml files.
The range of parameters is given by python code in the yml file. 
For each set of parameters, 6 different 10 minute-realizations of a turbulent wind field ("seeds") were created. The turbine was then simulated separately for each turbulent wind field.
Each folder contains the short term DELs for each 10 minute simulation and the aggregated short term DELs over all 6 wind realizations.

Outliers from simulation error were removed.
The data was originally intended to create surrogate models of the variation of outputs values throughout the parameter space. Further usage is possible and encouraged.


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