Published September 22, 2023 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Using RAW as Control Plane for Wireless Deterministic Networks: Challenges Ahead

  • 1. UC3M
  • 2. InterDigital
  • 3. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • 4. Telefónica I+D
  • 5. Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya
  • 6. SIMAVI
  • 7. INTEL
  • 8. Nokia Bell Labs


This paper provides extensive analysis of RAW (Reliable and Available Wireless) enhancements and solutions needed to manage industrial environments more effectively. Starting from the description of the industrial use case, an analysis of gaps and potential new extensions is performed. Namely, the need to (i) support multi-domain operation, at both technology and administrative levels; (ii) integrate RAW with edge architectures; and, (iii) the support for mobility support in RAW networks, are analysed. The identified gaps are indeed not yet tackled by the relevant standardisation development organisations, mainly the Internet Engineering Task Force, and are thus object of our future work


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