Published September 12, 2023 | Version v1
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D2.2 – Environmental Data Infrastructures: Services Analysis Report

  • 1. MARIS
  • 2. CNR-IIA
  • 3. NOC-BODC
  • 4. Neovia Innovation


The Interdisciplinary Data Discovery and Access Service (IDDAS) will be one of the components of the FAIR-EASE (FE) technical framework that will provide users with an easy and FAIR service for discovery and access to multidisciplinary and aggregated data sets as managed and provided by a range of existing environmental data infrastructures. The federation of data resources should facilitate the sharing of multi-disciplinary datasets with users, with the FE data lake, and allow for interaction with the Earth Analytic Lab (EAL) that will grant users access to analytical and visualisation services and applications. 

In D2.1 - Environmental Data Infrastructures: Services Description Report, 19 of these data infrastructures have been described, in particular with a focus on their data discovery and access mechanisms. As a follow-up, this deliverable D2.2 - Environmental Data Infrastructures: Services Analysis Report describes the available data access mechanisms of the data infrastructures and includes an analysis of the extent to which these are already fit for purpose or require further developments. 


D2.2_Environmental Data Infrastructures_Services Analysis Report_V1.1.pdf

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