Published September 7, 2023 | Version v1
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Webinar Standardisation in the Health Sector

  • 1. trace-health
  • 2. EvoMedics ApS
  • 3. Dublin City University
  • 4. KVELOCE I+D+i
  • 5. University of Piraeus
  • 6. NSAI


The webinar “Standardisation in the Health Sector” aimed to shed light on the critical role of standards in the healthcare industry and foster a deeper understanding of their integration. This event offered valuable insights into the application of standards in key areas such as health informatics, artificial intelligence, risk management of health information technology systems, and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The target audience, particularly researchers engaged in EU-funded projects, had the opportunity to glean essential knowledge on harnessing standards to elevate healthcare practices, boost interoperability, and effectively utilise research outcomes through standardisation. 


1_Robert Stegwee_Standards in Health_An overview from the perspective of health informatics.pdf

Additional details

Funding – Standardisation Booster for H2020 & HE research results 101058391
European Commission