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Understanding & Measuring Open Science Impact Pathways: the contribution of the PathOS project

  • 1. Technopolis Group
  • 2. Athena RC
  • 3. CWTS, University of Leiden
  • 4. OpenAIRE


The Open Science movement has made steady strides in recent years and has been positioned as one of the key priorities of the EU policy agenda. Despite the undeniable progress and its recognition on national and international levels there are still questions around the impact of Open Science and barriers that prevent Open Science from reaching its full potential. Such barriers include the costs of openness, lack of skills and capacity in data management, differing regulatory frameworks, and a lack of appropriate incentives in career advancement.

PathOS is a Horizon Europe project that aims to collect concrete evidence of Open Science effects, study the pathways of Open Science practices, from input to output, outcome and impact, including the consideration of enabling factors and key barriers. The concept behind the project is to identify and document the Open Science Impact Pathways, with a particular focus on causality. Impact pathways respond to the need not only to estimate and measure net effects of a policy intervention, but to provide explanations why and how impacts occur.

To drive the modelling of the pathways and support testing and operationalising Open Science indicators, PathOS is centered around and informed by seven case studies that will (a) drive the modelling of the Open Science impact pathways using explicit causal thinking , (b) support testing and operationalization of Open Science indicators (tools, data, flows) by providing access to data and experts with knowledge of the local environment, and (c) provide input to a Cost Benefit Analysis and to validate results.

The project ultimately aspires to:

  • Provide evidence to support a better understanding of the implications of Open Science for science, economy and society.
  • Shape recommendations to policy makers and other actors in the R&I ecosystem as to how and to what extent Open Science should be promoted in a balanced way.
  • Create innovative tools and methods for Open Science impact indicators and Cost Benefit Analysis framework using big data for studying the causal effects of Open Science.

With this poster we present the background of the PathOS project, its main goals and outcomes, the methodology framework towards developing new tools and methods for measuring impact and how co-creation will be employed to inform all project activities and results for the benefit of the Open Science communities.


This poster was presented during the 4th Open Science Fair 2023.


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