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South East Australian Coastal Ocean Forecast System (SEA-COFS)

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A suite of high resolution hydrodynamic ocean models for south eastern Australia that form the South East Australian Coastal Ocean Forecast System (SEA-COFS).

The modelling suite includes output from several different configurations of the Regional Ocean Modeling System hydrodynamic simulation of the East Australian Current (EAC) System. These various model configurations include free running hindcast models, data assimilating state estimates, ocean forecasts and various nested high resolution runs. There is also a biogeochemical configuration of the fennel model on the EAC parent grid.

At the time of upload there were four model grids (check later versions for new and revised / extended grids).

The SEA-COFS domain covers the southeastern Australia oceanic region from 25.1-41.5 S and 147.1-162.2 E. Is the parent grid of the EAC Domain 2.5-6km resolution  Coffs Harbour Region 0.75-1km resolution - Hawkesbury Shelf Model (HSM) 750m resolution 

  • Ribbat N., M. Roughan, B. Powell, C. Kerry, S. Rao, (2020). A high-resolution (750m) free-running hydrodynamic simulation of the Hawkesbury Shelf region off Southeastern Australia (2012-2013) using the Regional Ocean Modeling System. UNSW.dataset. DOI: 10.26190/5ec35ca34752eData access and more information.  Narooma Model  0.75-1km resolution

EAC_BGC Fennel Model 



We acknowledge funding from the Australian Research Council including grants: DP230100505, LP220100515, LP170100498, LP160100162, LP150100064, DP140102337, LP120100592



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Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP140102337 DP140102337
Australian Research Council
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Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP160100162 LP160100162
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Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP150100064 LP150100064
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The trophic ecosystem of a purpose-built, offshore artificial reef: do coastal currents supply sufficient nutrients for the local production of fish? LP120100592
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