Published August 28, 2023 | Version Version 1
Report Open

Exploratory Research on Governance and Sustainability Practices of Cloud Computing and Open Source Computational Services

  • 1. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
  • 2. Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI)


This exploratory research summarizes our findings on the governance and sustainability practices of 11 cloud computing services, 21 open source computational services, and four fiscal sponsors. We conducted desk research on relevant organizations and services and analyzed them using the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure (POSI) and the Community Cultivation Field Guide. Our prime objective was to spot prevailing practices and instances that could be emulated and augmented by the Catalyst project.

This report is part of IOI's research activities on the “Catalyst Project,” which is a collaborative effort among six partner organizations to achieve four goals: (1) Deploy and manage open cloud infrastructure for under-resourced communities in Latin America and Africa, (2) Create training and pedagogical content to assist others in using this infrastructure for cloud-based science workflows, (3) Build capacity for technical, pedagogical, and leadership skills within these communities, and (4) Identify a participatory service model to sustain, scale, and generalize impact for global communities.


Funding for this research was provided by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI).


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