Published August 27, 2023 | Version v0.5.1
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LSYS/LexicalRichness: v0.5.1


What's Changed

  • Pass through within_sample parameter in vocd (fixes #80, @xhulianoThe1)
  • Fix CTTR equation (fixes #77)
  • Minor doc fixes
  • Fixed path to vocd image


To install: pip install lexicalrichness

Example usage

from lexicalrichness import LexicalRichness

# text example
text = """Measure of textual lexical diversity, computed as the mean length of sequential words in
                a text that maintains a minimum threshold TTR score.

                Iterates over words until TTR scores falls below a threshold, then increase factor
                counter by 1 and start over. McCarthy and Jarvis (2010, pg. 385) recommends a factor
                threshold in the range of [0.660, 0.750].
                (McCarthy 2005, McCarthy and Jarvis 2010)"""

lex = LexicalRichness(text)

    ntokens=50,  # Maximum number for the token/word size in the random samplings
    within_sample=100,  # Number of samples
    seed=42,  # Seed for reproducibility


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