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Readiness Framework and Service Requirements

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This document, titled "D2.1 - Readiness Framework and Service Requirements” is a direct outcome of the UNLOCK-CEI project's work package 2 (WP2), which focuses on designing a framework to address proactively the needs and wants of demand sector about IoT-to-Edge-to-Cloud (CEI) technology as well as to identify the requirements to implement such solutions in specific products and services.

Its purpose is to identify key service requirements, develop resulting market scenarios, evaluate key pathways for the development of the open European CEI ecosystem and provide guidance to stakeholders regarding decisions and activities that will improve the chance that favourable scenarios will develop. WP2 provides an analytical framework for the interaction with the sector-specific value chain adopter group representing the Industry Constituency in WP3.

This task is focused on developing the CEI adoption readiness framework (ARF), a comprehensive framework with an approach designed to assess the readiness of demand industries for the adoption of Cloud, Edge, and IoT technologies. The framework provides a structured methodology to evaluate various factors and determine the level of preparedness within an industry for embracing these emerging technologies.



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