Published August 20, 2023 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Seismic Study of the Froqlos Field to Create a Comprehensive View of its Geological Situation



In this research, we re-interpreted the Froqlos field based on the most important seismic rules, and according to the interpretation method which is used in reading and analyzing seismic and geological data, starting from the litho-geological section. Then we followed the Kurachine Dolomite reflector (KD), which carries hydrocarbon, the Kurachine Anhydrite reflector (KA), which represents the covered rocks in the study area, and some auxiliary reflectors, such as Quamchouka (QUM) and Amanos Sand (A-SA). After that, we created the two-way time (TWT) map of the Kurachine Dolomite formation in the studied Froqlos field, and the depth map of it. At the end, we located new well sites on the depth map. In our research, we used several geophysical, geological and office programs.


دراسة سيزمية لحقل الفرقلس لوضع تصور شامل حول وضعه الجيولوجي - للنشر.pdf