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Innovating Quality Management: Pioneering Cloud-Edge-IoT and Digital Twin Solutions in Manufacturing


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In the dynamic manufacturing world, where optimisation and automation are key, CEI (Cloud-Edge-IoT) technology is revolutionising the industry. With its ability to leverage sensors, controllers, and robots, CEI is predominantly used within production environments, warehouses, and waste sites. Its primary objectives include enhancing economic and energetic efficiency, improving throughput, ensuring better safety measures, enhancing product quality, and creating improved working conditions for skilled production personnel. However, despite its potential, data-sharing remains uncommon in this sector, hindered by a lack of trust and technological capacity.

SCAMM has implemented a cutting-edge Cloud-Edge-IoT solution to address their manufacturing requirements. This solution involves the creation of a digital twin to revolutionise SCAMM’s quality monitoring process. By deploying a network of sensors and controllers, SCAMM can detect anomalies in production and learn from skilled labourers’ responses through an assistance system.



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