Published June 13, 2022 | Version v1
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A Deep Regression Framework Toward Laboratory Accuracy in the Shop Floor of Microelectronics

  • 1. Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
  • 2. Microchip Technology Inc.



Deep learning (DL) has certainly improved industrial inspection, while significant progress has also been achieved in metrology with impressive results reached through their combination. However, it is not easy to deploy metrology sensors in a factory, as they are expensive, and require special acquisition conditions. In this article, we propose a methodology to replace a high-end sensor with a low-cost one introducing a data-driven soft sensor (SS) model. Concretely, a residual architecture (R 2 esNet) is proposed for quality inspection, along with an error-correction scheme to lessen noise impact. Our method is validated in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, through the identification of defects related to glue dispensing before the attachment of silicon dies. Finally, a detection system is developed to localize PCB regions of interest, thus offering flexibility during data acquisition. Our methodology is evaluated under operational conditions achieving promising results, whereas PCB inspection takes a fraction of the time needed by other methods.



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