Published August 1, 2023 | Version v1
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Sustainability in Digital Research Infrastructure: UKRI Net Zero DRI Scoping Project final technical report

  • 1. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • 2. Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 3. King's College London
  • 4. Queen Mary University of London


This report provides a full account of evidence collected in the UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Net Zero Scoping project. It combines detailed technical analysis with a literature survey and results from community and stakeholder engagement activities.

The target of achieving net zero emissions by 2040 is extremely challenging, but the project has encountered a strong determination to meet that challenge in all areas of the digital research infrastructure and the research community which depends on it.

This technical report, which provides a detailed account of outcomes and recommendations from project activities, will be complemented by an overview document (link to be added) which will provide the key conclusions and recommendations in a more accessible narrative. 

It is also complimented by various supporting reports detailing the evidence collected and an overview report. A full list of recommendations has also been provided in an interactive spreadsheet format that allows sorting of the recommendations by the most useful category. See links within technical report for further details. 


This work is funded by the UKRI Digital Research Programme on grant NERC (NE/W007134/1). The project website is


Sustainability in Digital Research Infrastructure - UKRI Net Zero DRI Scoping Project final technical report.pdf

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Net-Zero Digital Research Infrastructure Scoping NE/W007134/1
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