Published July 24, 2023 | Version v1.2.0
Software Open

NBISweden/AGAT: AGAT-v1.2.0

  • 1. IRD
  • 2. Max Planck Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie, Tübingen
  • 3. Oregon State University
  • 4. @VEuPathDB
  • 5. European Bioinformatics Institute | EMBL-EBI


new script:


  • : fix #363 save AS information from BAM into GFF score (instead of phase) and put a dot for the phase

  • Update statistics rendering (e.g. Avoid to display twice stats when there is no isoform, add "(bp)" to clarify what means the numbers.
  • new features in feature_levels.yaml :
    • pseudogenic_region
    • pseudogenic_cds
    • intergenic_region
    • protein_bind
    • regulatory
    • five_prime_cis_splice_site
    • three_prime_cis_splice_site
  • remove JSON from MYMETA.yml
  • fix #346 : config.yaml is now called by default agar_config.yaml. It is now possible to create one at the fly with a chosen name. It is also possible to call all script specifying a config file located and named as wished.
  • fix #368 - Avoid seq_id 0 to be replaced by default SEQ value
  • fix #378 - fix auto format detection for sq scripts

  • homogenize input/ouput

    • use exclusively AGAT::BioperlGFF (_sq_script was using Bio::Tools::GFF for input/output; sp script were using AGAT::BioperlGFF for input and Bio::Tools::GFF for output)
    • improving AGAT::BioperlGFF to take care of GFF and GTF output (adding parameter VERSION and TYPE). Remind AGAT::BioperlGFF is an improved version of Bio::Tools::GFF
    • simplify code by factorizing and by implementing redundant function into BioperlGFF (e.g. filtering feature by GTF version; _gff25_string_JD and _gff25_string to fix incorrect GTF output provided by bioperl, etc)

new test:



  • remove 0 from agat config file which is not a correct to select for GTF version
  • remove agat_sq_manage_ID from doc (official script is agat_sq_manage_IDs)
  • update pod (removing option not used)
  • update doc .md



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