Published July 24, 2023 | Version v1
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Teaching Open Science in Media Studies

  • 1. Philipps-Universität Marburg


At the Institute for Media Studies in Marburg, the seminar “Open Science and Media Studies” was held in the winter semester 2022/23 to test how Open Science can be integrated into media studies teaching. On the one hand, this is a challenge in terms of content for the students, who have so far been trained more in analyses of individual media (e.g. film), and on the other hand, it places a stronger focus on (digital) methods, praxeological considerations, and theories of science and media. The seminar sessions not only dealt with Open Access, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Methodology, Open Peer Review, Open Source or Citizen Science, but also with how media studies as a humanities discipline with its professional needs fits into the entire Open Science movement or what openness actually means for media studies. Within the didactic setting, it was particularly important not only to teach openness thematically, but also to actively live it when teaching. This means using Etherpads or Zenodo groups for collaborative work and actively involving students in the design of seminar sessions such as topic selection.

The talk wants to present the didactic approach as well as its implementation and reflect the results of the course. Based on this, the lessons learned will be presented. Furthermore, the lecture would like to make a plea for not leaving the libraries or graduate schools alone with teaching offers for Open Science, but to show that Open Science is an essential aspect of disciplinary teaching.



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