Published March 17, 2023 | Version v4
Dataset Open

Simulated Shapes for ORMIR_XCT Thickness Measurement Validation

  • 1. University of Calgary


These shapes were generated to validate a distance transform function implemented for the Python ORMIR_XCT package. Shapes generated include: solid spheres, solid cylinders, hollow spheres, hollow cylinders, and plates. All shapes have a voxel size of 1 mm^3. Image naming convention is as follows:

  1. Solid (filled) Spheres: F_SPH_OUTR_X.nii
    • Radius of the sphere = X
  2. Solid (filled) Cylinders: F_CYL_OUTR_X_LEN_Y.nii
    • Radius of the cylinder = X
    • Length of the cylinder = Y
  3. Hollow Spheres: H_SPH_OUTR_X_INR_Y.nii
    • Outer radius of the sphere = X
    • Inner radius of the sphere = Y
  4. Hollow Cylinders: H_CYL_OUTR_X_INR_Y_LEN_Z.nii
    • Outer radius of the cylinder = X
    • Inner radius of the cylinder = Y
    • Length of the cylinder = Z
  5. Plates: PLATE_WIDTH_X_LEN_Y.nii
    • Width (i.e., thickness) of the plate = X
    • Length of the plate = Y (plates are all squares)


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