Published July 12, 2023 | Version v1
Report Open

Workshop Report #4 - Diversity in Data: Ethnicity coding standards working group


The interactive discussions at this last in person event, combined with insights from previous online sessions,
have demonstrated a broad interest in improving collection of data on ethnicity, as well as other personal
demographic information. Most participants recognised that high quality data collection can benefit people
through data-driven research, innovation, and policy decisions. But improvements and action from key
decision makers across the four nations of the UK are needed. The UK Health Data Research Alliance can
offer a forum to bring forward the discussion and drive adoption of best practice.

Following the Ethnicity coding standards working group series, attendees and other experts in this field have
been invited to contribute to an Academic Position paper to outline proposed recommendations covering
some of the aspects discussed during these meetings, with the view to raise awareness around the
importance of consistency in the collection of ethnicity data and the use of established coding standards, and
to call for action. 

The recommendations paper will also be presented to Alliance Council members for
endorsement and adoption of good practice.


Diversity in Data - Ethnicity coding working group 24.05.23 - Workshop report - FINAL.pdf