Published November 19, 2020 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Towards an Assessment Rubric for EiPE Tasks in Secondary Education: Identifying Quality Indicators and Descriptors

  • 1. Radboud University Nijmegen
  • 2. The University of Adelaide
  • 3. Radboud University, Open University


This study reports on reseach to investigating indicators and descriptors which characterize the quality of students’ code explanations to EiPE (Explain in Plain English) tasks in secondary education. 

First, a literature review was carried out to identify quality characteristics and descriptors that differentiate the quality of students’ responses in tertiary education. Then, the quality of upper-secondary students’ responses to a simple EiPE task was analyzed. The results of that analysis were used to refine our quality characteristics and descriptors, which were then translated into a prototypical rubric. In the final phase, the rubric was iteratively tested by two teachers and improved based on their feedback. The final rubric prototype can be used to provide feedback during formative assessment.

This repository includes the EiPE comprehension task, the student responses, and the results from coding the responses:
- StudentResponses.pdf: task and anonymized solutions provided by students, translated to English
- Coding_data.xls: coding by two researchers until they came to an agreement (full set of 34 responses), and coding by Teacher1 on complete set, and coding by Teacher2 on the base-set (with duplicate responses omitted)


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